Introducing the Food Safety Navigator™

A unique three-step comprehensive plan for mitigating risks – exclusively available from Foa & Son.


Food Safety Challenges

The landscape has changed. More rigorous and sensitive product testing coupled with increased regulatory authority is resulting in a significant increase in the number and scope of recalls. The need to be proactive has never been more critical. We understand the challenges you face:

  • Increased Regulation and Enforcement – Food Safety Modernization Act
    • Reportable Food Registry
    • FDA Mandatory Recall Authority
  • Food Supply Chain and Traceability
  • Financial Exposure Due to Recall or Contamination
  • Brand Impairment and Loss of Reputation
  • Speed of Negative Media Attention and Exposure

Foa & Son has responded by creating the Food Safety Navigator, a process that identifies, minimizes and transfers the risk of a negative food safety event. It is unique, complete and comprehensive.

The Food Safety Navigator is built on years of food industry and insurance expertise. It is designed specifically to protect your company’s brand and profits.


Foa & Son’s Three-Step Food Safety Navigator Process

1. Identify and Quantify Risk

We analyze your company’s risks in the supply chain from acquisition to consumption, carefully reviewing procedures and operations to determine potential exposures. Then, through our unique process, we quantify the impact. This includes any food safety event, such as recalls or contamination.


2. Minimize Risk

Through our network of industry experts we are able to create a plan to minimize and address identified risks. With the incorporation of a recall plan and a food safety program, a potential crisis can be averted or reduced to a minor event.


3. Transfer Risk

Using the Food Safety Navigator tools, we take advantage of opportunities to transfer risk to third parties that are inside and outside your supply chain. Using insurance and other transfer methods we protect your company against potential loss of income and brand impairment. Coupled with 24/7 crisis response, our Food Safety Navigator ensures your company’s financial future and growth of your brand.

This is an exclusive offering with Foa & Son. 


Food Safety Facts

  • Each year 48 million Americans become ill from food borne pathogens.
  • Recalls have more than doubled (from 288 to 659 annually) in the last decade.
  • The annual economic cost of medical treatment, lost productivity, and mortality is $55 billion.

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